About Gift Haven Registry


In 2010, the idea of creating an online bridal registry that would answer the needs of engaged couples in the Philippines was born.

GiftHavenRegistry.com serves as the universal online bridal registry which consolidates the couple’s wedding gift choices in one online resource. We strive to be the leading online wedding registry offering a wider variety of wedding gift ideas that is not limited to what is usually available in stores in the Philippines.

GiftHavenRegistry.com is:

1.Your all-in-one bridal registry

• We organize everything for you. No matter how many stores you are registered in, we make sure your wedding gift list is in order. The engaged couple can view all their chosen gifts from different stores in one consolidated list online. Guests also have the option to buy their wedding gifts directly from the website.

2. Convenient

• The engaged couple can choose the items listed in their wedding registry anytime, anywhere as long they have an internet connection. All products are maintained in a per retailer catalogue on the website so there’s no need for the couple to go to different stores to choose all the products that they want to include in their wedding gift list.

• The engaged couple will be informed of every activity in their online bridal registry as much as they want. Whether gifts are going out of stock or the gift list is fast depleting, our website’s online tracking system makes it easy for the engaged couple to be up to date on their gifts’ status.

• Guests no longer need to go to the nearest store just to pick out their gifts for the couple. They have the option to buy their wedding gifts online and have the wedding gifts for the bride and groom delivered directly to their chosen delivery address.

• Guests who live in distant cities or countries can give wedding presents to the couple by simply logging in to the website and choosing an item from the couple’s wedding gift list. Rest assured we’ll be sending the gift item to the couple’s specified delivery address in no time.

• They can pay for their wedding gift purchase by using their VISA or MASTERCARD credit card or via pay centers.

3. Extensive selection for wedding gifts

• In addition to what is available in stores in the country, GiftHavenRegistry.com features good value brands from the globe like RÖSLE, KUHN RIKON, etc.

• Now, engaged couples can choose to include dream vacations in their wedding gift list. We are redefining the wedding registry scene by offering travel•related services like plane tickets and hotel accommodations in the choices for wedding gifts.

4. Full-Service Wedding Registry

• We work with you every step of the way. Gift Haven Registry caters to the registry needs of the engaged couple and their guests. From preparation to actual selection, we’ve got your bridal registry covered.

• Our full service includes bridal registry gift listing, real-time update of purchased products, inventory management, gift wrapping and item delivery, personalization of registry card and creation of gift cards and thank you cards.

• GiftHavenRegistry.com knows that it’s not easy to just choose items for your bridal registry so we’ve developed tools like our registry style quiz to help you arrive at the best decision.

5. 100% Secure and Reliable

• There are return policies for damaged or lost products in transit.

• All shipping is made by our fast and reliable courier service.

• All payments made via our website are secured by affiliate banking groups or financial institutions.

• Information on the shipping status of gifts purchased can be monitored on the website.

• Personal information of the engaged couple and their guests will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold as information to other companies.

Gift Haven Registry connects with registered members by maintaining a strong social networking presence. We keep you updated on the latest additions to our products and services list via Twitter and Facebook. Upcoming promotions and events will also be posted on our Twitter and Facebook accounts to make sure that you are always in the loop when it comes to your wedding registry needs.

We created GiftHavenRegistry.com with you in mind - our commitment to fulfill the needs of engaged couples and their guests remains our top priority. We are focused on giving you a great bridal registry experience. We warmly welcome your feedback and comments so we may continuously improve our online bridal registry service.

With GiftHavenRegistry.com, your registry experience will definitely be more convenient and fulfilling.

Gift Haven Registry is operated by GHR ENTERPRISES, a single-proprietorship company with business address Unit 2-A 2nd Floor EGC Building, 3161 V. Mapa Street, Sta. Mesa, Manila 1016